The special status of the Defense and Security Forces under study

18 Aug 2020 | 0 comments

On the occasion of a meeting in the form of a workshop, held at the headquarters of the parliamentary institution on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, the members of the 7th Parliament proceeded to the reading and analysis of four bills. These are in particular :

  • The bill amending and supplementing Act No. 90-016 on the creation of the Beninese Armed Forces;
  • the bill on the status of personnel of the Beninese Armed Forces;
  • the bill amending and supplementing No. 2017-41 relating to the creation of the Republican Police;
  • and the bill on the status of the personnel of the Republican Police.

Held under the coordination of the President of the National Assembly and Deputy Rachidi Gbadamassi, Chairman of the Committee on External Affairs, Development Cooperation, Defense and Security, numerous exchanges were held on the said bills and announce the imminent adoption of the bills currently being amended.

Two other papers were also discussed at the workshop, on the special status of water, forestry and hunting administration officials and the special status of Customs officials. Each of the drafts presented elicited comments, reactions and analyses from the parliamentarians present.


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